Saturday, 8 December 2007

Monocle - Single Eyeglass

Online eyewear retailer offering gold and silver coloured monocles to customers in need of magnification.

gold coloured 38mm galleried monocleDecember 08, 2007 -- Daniel Cullen Eyewear now offers a choice of gold or silver coloured galleried monocles on their website. Daniel says “Our ongoing aims are to bring a fresh look to the site and hopefully the two monocles reflect that.”

What is a galleried monocle anyway? "The gallery is part of the monocle and simply helps the wearer to keep it in his or her eye." Surely a monocle is a thing of the past? “You might think so” says Cullen “...but increasingly as glasses and spectacles are becoming more outrageous and therefore seen as a fashion item what better way to make or reinforce a statement about yourself ?”, indeed who can argue with that! He continues “…we aim to provide not only a comprehensive range of ready to wear reading glasses which already includes single vision, bifocal, clear and tinted reading lenses, but also a range of magnifying aids and eyewear accessories."

The gold coloured monocle and the silver coloured monocle are naturally provided with a suitable cord and pouch. A leather monocle case is offered as an optional extra.

And what of the lens? "We offer customers a choice of lens powers, each one of which is professionally glazed in the UK by the optical lab. The lens strengths include +1.00 +1.25 +1.50 +1.75 +2.00 +2.25 +2.50 +3.00 and +3.50 Dioptres"

Daniel Cullen Eyewear is a successful online trading company based near the historic city of Lincoln in the UK. The company places its emphasis on three key elements: a sound product base, customer care and attention to detail.

Mr. Daniel Cullen
t: +44 208 123 1996

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Porsche Design Reading Tool

Etailer aiming to give fashion conscious customers of ready to wear reading glasses a valuable accessory with the Porsche design reading tool.

Porsche Design Reading Tool, frame ref. P8801August 04, 2007 -- Daniel Cullen Eyewear offers a range of designer reading glasses on their website. Cullen who runs the website says “We permanently aim to bring a fresh look to our site and believe the designer reading glasses have done just that.” Surely the frame is for practicality and functionality only? “Not so” says Cullen “...increasingly reading glasses are seen as a fashion item and as such customers like to make a statement and own several pairs to compliment a number of outfits”, he goes on “…we aim to offer a comprehensive range of designs which include single vision, bifocal, clear and tinted reading lenses together with a wide variety of lens powers through a site which is easily navigated and therefore user friendly."

What exactly does the clinically named Reading Tool have to offer? "Well...they're exclusive reading glasses with ergonomically designed earpieces made of high-tech plastic and have a stainless steel centre piece. The combination of materials makes these glasses very stable, lightweight and comfortable to wear."

And the lenses? "The design and materials featured meet the highest standards. Thin and lightweight non-reflecting lenses enhance the stability and comfort of the frame. Thanks to their ergonomic shape, these lenses provide an ideal field of vision for reading."

A successful online trading company based near the historic city of Lincoln in the UK. The company places its emphasis on three key elements: a sound product base, customer care and attention to detail.

Mr. Daniel Cullen
t: +44 208 123 1996

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Clip-On Reading Glasses.

clip-on magnifying reading glassesClip these magnifying lenses on to your existing glasses or regular sunglasses and increase the strength. Especially useful for tasks that require 'hands free' fine detail work.

  • Available in small size (lens width approx. 54mm and lens height approx. 31mm)
  • Available in large size (lens width approx. 56mm and lens height approx. 50mm)
  • Enjoy the benefit of the flip-up feature.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Precision Engineered, Multiple Applications

Keyring screwdriver for spectaclesA precision engineered tool for multiple applications. Silver coloured metal keyring screwdriver for spectacles with 2 screwdriver heads and 2 hexagonal sockets for the smallest of nuts and bolts.

Saturday, 7 April 2007

Spec Cords

green cordDate: 7th April 2007

We are pleased to introduce two new colours to our range of quality spectacle cords. As usual they feature a strong, non slip, rubber grip to securely hold your eyewear. The cord itself is tough and made from 100% Polyester.

At the time of writing, customers have a choice of 10 colours with our latest additions of green and turquoise.

turquoise cord

Lighted Magnifier, 3x Magnification

Lighted magnifierlighted magnifier featuring battery powered light and with 3x magnification. Approximately 117mm x 45mm extending to 133mm when using the light facility.

Friday, 30 March 2007

Round-Eye, Lennon Style

Round shaped, Lennon style reading glassesA classic 'Lennon' style spectacle frame coloured in beige, brown and black with clear 'rocker' nose pads.

This is a small frame having a width of just 117mm and frame height of 35mm, and is available as the 'frame only' or with near vision reading lenses.