Sunday, 21 January 2007

Bifocal Reading Sunglasses with Brown Lenses in a Rimless Frame.

Sunglasses for reading, bifocal lenses with a dark brown tint

bifocal sunglasses for reading in a rimless spectacle frame. The complete lens has a dark brown tint, the bifocal consists of a D-seg magnifying reading addition, with a plano or plain upper lens. The remaining part of these glasses has bronze coloured spring hinged arms with a matching nose bridge.
Frame width approx. 130mm, lens height 35mm, bifocal seg height 18mm.

The available lens powers are as follows:
+1.0 +1.5 +2.0 +2.5 +3.0 or +3.5 dioptres

Reading Glasses by Daniel Cullen

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