Thursday, 18 January 2007

High Fashion Eyewear, Trendy Reading Glasses from the UK

Metal framed reading glasses in trendy orange frames, ref. B-242A

We are pleased to introduce these trendy reading glasses in an orange coloured metal frame. This is the third pair in this popular style that we now present on the website,

Metal framed reading glasses in trendy blue frames, ref. B-242B

... the others being the high fashion blue and red pairs.

High fashion metal framed reading glasses in red frames, ref. B-242

It may be helpful to know that the superior quality near vision reading lenses for these spectacle frames are individually glazed in the UK.

The approx. frame width of each pair is 130mm, with the frame height being 29mm. The available lens dioptres are as follows,
+0.50 +0.75 +1.00 +1.25 +1.50 +1.75 +2.00 +2.25 +2.50 +2.75 +3.00 and +3.50

Reading Glasses by Daniel Cullen

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