Sunday, 7 January 2007

Optical Accessories, Miniature Screwdrivers for Spectacles

How annoying to find a a loose screw on your glasses and no screwdrivers small enough to fit! We offer 3 types of screwdriver all with an assortment of heads to tighten most screws found on spectacle frames.

Keyring Screwdriver

This silver coloured metal keyring screwdriver for spectacles has 2 screwdriver heads and 2 useful attachments for tightening those tiny nuts found on rimless reading glasses where the lenses are drilled.

Spectacle Screwdriver

This precision spectacle screwdriver has 5 assorted screwdriver heads with a screwdriver handle supplied in a plastic holder which has a pearlised finish.

Pocket Screwdrivers

This pocket screwdrivers set has 6 assorted screwdriver heads, 4 slotted and 2 cross head, which fold into a handy pocket size case measuring approx. 60mm x 25mm x 13mm.

Reading Glasses by Daniel Cullen

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