Saturday, 14 February 2009

Rolled Gold Spectacle Frame

rolled gold half-eye spectacle frameProduced with skill and craftsmanship this rolled gold half-eye spectacle frame in a traditional vintage shape is handmade in England.

It has a timeless elegance and is supplied with a superior case and cloth and is available as the frame only, or as a beautiful pair of reading glasses with lenses professionally glazed here in the U.K.


Anonymous said...

It would be helpful if mens products were separately listed.

Reading Glasses by Daniel Cullen said...

Hi Anon, thank you for your valued comment. As this is a topic that comes up for discussion periodically it is something we have toyed with from time to time but it has proven to be quite difficult because so many of our styles are unisex and will therefore be duplicated within a number of categories. In this modern age we generally find that the male and female lines of demarcation are more and more blurred as customers become more adventurous with their choices.