Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tortoiseshell Pince Nez Reading Glasses

Tortoiseshell pince nez reading glasses with chain.

Traditional pince nez reading glasses in a round metal frame encased in tortoiseshell and with silver coloured chain included.

We understand this delightful frame was manufactured in France over 40 years ago. Although old they are unglazed and unworn and now available to have your choice of lens power glazed here in the UK.

The frame diameter is 42mm and these pince nez are available as a frame only or alternatively glazed with reading lenses up to +3.50 dioptres.

Pince Nez Reading Glasses by Daniel Cullen

Reading Glasses with Trendy Zig-Zag Frame Design

Reading glasses in shades of violet

These trendy sprung hinged reading glasses are coloured with shades of violet and have a zigzag detail to the frame.

Available in +1.00 +1.50 +2.00 +2.50 +3.00 or +3.50 dioptres

Reading Glasses by Daniel Cullen

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Striped Reading Glasses - Fanfare Please

Reading glasses in a modern styled striped full frame.

Frame ref. Fanfare

We're pleased to announce that these popular striped reading glasses are now back in stock and available to order from the website in the following lens powers:-

+1.00 +1.50 +2.00 +2.50 +3.00 or +3.50

Reading Glasses by Daniel Cullen

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Reading Glasses in a Supra Spectacle Frame

Supra spectacle frame glazed with reading lenses

There are many designs of spectacles that are manufactured today and 'supra' or semi rimless styles are incredibly popular. This modern shape with a light brown finish has a metal rim across the top half and has plastic temples.

It is available glazed with either +0.75 +1.00 +1.25 +1.50 +1.75 +2.00 +2.25 +2.50 or +3.00 dioptre lenses.

Reading Glasses by Daniel Cullen

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Designer Reading Glasses

Large round eye reading glasses in a hand made, gold spectacle frame

These reading glasses in a large (47mm) round eye 'hockey end' frame are hand made in England by Algha using 14 carat rolled gold.

They are then glazed by the optical lab here in the U.K. with your preferred choice of +0.50 +0.75 +1.00 +1.25 +1.50 +1.75 +2.00 +2.25 +2.50 +2.75 +3.00 or +3.50 dioptre lenses.

White Porsche reading tool

And as designer reading glasses, the white Porsche reading tool made in Italy with anti-reflecting lenses is certainly chic and uber cool.

Thanks to their ergonomic shape, the lenses provide an ideal field of vision for reading.

Please note it is only available in +2.00 or +2.50 dioptres.

Reading Glasses by Daniel Cullen