Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Antique Pince-Nez Eyewear

We were delighted to receive these two antique pince-nez frames which are of exceptional quality, although old they are unglazed and unworn and now available to have your choice of reading lens glazed here in the UK.

  • Frame ref. tortoiseshell pince-nez

    Tortoiseshell pince-nez frames with chain.

    A round metal frame measuring 42mm in diameter encased in tortoiseshell.
    A silver coloured neck chain is included.
    They are available as a frame only or alternatively with non prescription reading lenses up to +3.50 Dioptres

  • Frame ref. spring bridge pince-nez

    Spring bridge pince-nez frames with chain.

    These silver coloured pince-nez glasses have a sliding bar spring bridge to provide their tension.
    A silver coloured chain is included and they are also available as a frame only or with non prescription reading lenses up to +3.50 Dioptres.
    Interestingly due to their design they would have originally been marketed as 'sporting pince-nez'.

Reading Glasses by Daniel Cullen


Anonymous said...

are these still available? thank you

Reading Glasses by Daniel Cullen said...

Hi, thank you for your enquiry.

Unfortunately, in spite of our continued and ongoing efforts we are currently unable to obtain any more of the spring bridge pince-nez, although we have not given up entirely.

We do have a supply of tortoiseshell pince-nez and also some traditional pince-nez which, like the spring bridge pince-nez, are a little more discreet.