Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Sunglasses with Bifocal Lenses

Customers often enquire if we supply bifocal sunglasses, and this type of design within the 'ready to wear' sector at least is one which can sometimes prove difficult for us to source.

However this summer we are able to provide visitors to the website with three well made styles which have those all important bifocal lenses

Uber stylish sunglasses with bifocal addition for reading.

  • Firstly we have a large and trendy black plastic frame with shiny silver accent,

Women's stylish sunglasses with bifocal addition for reading. Large bronze metal frame with 'chain effect' temples

  • Secondly is this women's stylish design once again in a large frame but in a bronze metal colour and with 'chain effect' temples,

Bifocal sunglasses with D-seg reading addition

  • Thirdly guys this one's for you, it's a medium sized gun-metal coloured full frame with sprung hinged temples,

Reading Glasses by Daniel Cullen

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