Thursday, 16 October 2014

Where Trendy Meets Practical

pair of reading glasses with long arm/temple lengthRecent years have seen reading glasses mature into full-fledged fashion accessories: such is the influence of geek chic nowadays that a good pair of specs can easily beat sunglasses for trendiness. We have seen glasses transform from a sometimes embarrassing necessity into a fashion statement which has made its way onto the big screen, the red carpet, the fashion runway, and social media. So to know whether it's Harry Potter or Harry Hill, you just need to look at the glasses.

The frame we are looking at today is a great example of a fashion statement. Light, but with a clearly defined silhouette, it is bound to become part of your look whether you are chairing a business meeting or posing for a new selfie.

this spectacle frame has a balanced colour scheme and extra long arms.The frame's trendy design and balanced colour scheme will make it appeal to men and women alike. While the front features only a hint of colour variation, the arms embrace a symphony of brown, orange and green with some black and light grey, fading into deep olive green on the inside.

One special feature of these reading glasses may require a second look before you notice it: the arms are 160mm long, which is to say, 20-30mm longer than usual. This hard-to-find arm length does not affect how the glasses stay in place, but it allows you to slip them off and conveniently hang them around your neck. Anyone familiar with the "where did I leave my glasses?" syndrome will know what a good idea this is!

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