Friday, 21 March 2014

Half Moon Reading Glasses

half moon reading glasses

Finally they have arrived!

Our stocks of the timeless classic, 'dc' half moon reading glasses are now replenished.

They are available as usual in gun-metal and now also in a softer gold colour.

Frame width (inner temple to inner temple) 128mm,
frame height 21mm,
arm length 135mm.

Reading Glasses by Daniel Cullen


Robert said...

You don't specify length. Because of that, I am unable to consider your glasses.

Geoff Puppel said...

I've owned a pair for quite awhile and now that the glasses are available again I wish to place an order. Are the glasses marked on the frame or lens the diopter strength?

Geoff Puppel said...

I own a pair and find them great. I wold like to reorder another. However, I am uncertain as to the strength I ordered last time. Are the frames or lenses marked with the diopter?

Reading Glasses by Daniel Cullen said...

Hi Robert,

The arm length of these reading glasses, the measurement to which I believe you're referring, is 135mm. Hope this helps.


Hi Geoff,

The lens strength is printed on the inside of the left arm, unfortunately however it does fade with time. I have checked and the previous lens strength ordered was +2.50

Paul Webb said...

I love these glasses. I lost my first pair and have just ordered two more.