Thursday, 26 May 2016


pair of gold coloured half-moon shaped reading glasses. These half-moon reading glasses are glazed in the UK with thin, lightweight, impact resistant Trivex lenses up to and including +4.00 dioptres.

The lens shape is ideal for peering over the top without the need to wear them on the tip of your nose.

  • Gold coloured.
  • Spring hinges.
  • Glazed in the UK.

Reading Glasses by Daniel Cullen


DC said...

Love these glasses - but pretty disappointed that they've just doubled in price - seems an enormous increase.

Reading Glasses by Daniel Cullen said...

Thank you for pointing out what is quite obvious, and first of all I must apologise for not having explained this price hike very well, or perhaps not at all.

The DC-Half in its new incarnation is no longer as it once was. Although the frame remains exactly the same, the lenses are now readily available to order with one of two options. The first is to have a standard lens, and the second is to opt for a superior Trivex lens, both of which are glazed here in the UK, and each offering a much improved product to our customers. Interestingly we can provide a third option by glazing a customer's own optical prescription into this frame. Perhaps you might get in touch if this is something which interests you.

We think this would now be an opportune moment to tweak the name and to that end we will refer to them as 'B-DCH', (the letter B prefix denoting our bespoke service for those of you unfamiliar with our terminology). By way of reassurance, as with all of the bespoke options, we do say this may take 10-14 days however this is rarely the case unless of course we are faced with a string of bank holidays or extreme weather events.

I offer my sincere apologies and hope I have provided a comprehensive explanation but do please let us know if not.

With my best regards,