Thursday, 2 September 2010

Superior Cords to Compliment Colourful Glasses

Red glasses/spectacle cord

When we take a (quick!) lunch break we always look forward to the BBC's Bargain Hunt and we especially enjoy watching the cheery host Tim "let's go bargain hunting" Wonnacott who never appears to wear the same pair of reading glasses twice.
Well done Tim!

The retaining cords attached to his glasses are also noteworthy and often as brightly coloured as the spectacles. We feel that a good quality glasses cord of a heavier weight and with strong rubber grippers is important to firmly secure the specs. As you might expect our glasses cords are readily available in a variety of colours to suit even the most discerning, and at just GBP2.00 each we think they're well worth a punt.
What do you say Tim?

Reading Glasses by Daniel Cullen

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